Mastering Management Workshop

This workshop is for managers faced with the challenges of managing business results and employees. Participants in this one-day workshop will experience their role as manager more clearly, understand critical skills and competencies needed, and document areas for further development in their management role. The Performance Indicator assessment for each participant provides insight on their own management traits and the core characteristics of team member so they can predict how team members will work together. They will practice communication skills, performance management skills, and diagnosing team issues while building a team. This is a fast paced and participative workshop giving participants new tools they can use immediately.

Who should attend?
This is the ideal workshop for new and aspiring managers needing to quickly learn management skills or for managers needing a refresh of management skills.

What you will learn:

• Discover what it takes to succeed as a manager
• Improve your ability to communicate and influence others
• Hire and develop high-performers for your team
• Uncover how your management profile impacts your team
• Analyze your team and increase your team’s performance
• Provide effective positive and constructive feedback to your employees
• Ongoing coaching process for everyday use
• How to improve or remove low-performers in your team

Here’s what everyone is saying about Mastering Management Skills I Workshop:

“I send all my managers through this – it’s a ‘must’. The results are outstanding and I have seen the positive and long lasting results with our managers and for our organization.”
General Manager, DCI International

“I have been to hundreds of management classes designed to help improve communication and I learned more in one afternoon about how I communicate with others and how it’s received than in all those other classes combined.  I learned even more about how to listen.  I encourage all my direct reports to attend this course at least once and have requested the companies I have worked for to make the course available to any and all employees.”

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