Outplacement Workshop

Your laid off workers truly need extra help in today’s economy to secure their next job – and you can make a difference in their future and your own reputation with this program.  Not only will you aid your departing employees but you will comfort your retained employees, ease their survival guilt, and enhance your company culture and reputation as a humane organization. Traditional outplacement services cost thousands of dollars per employee.  Now available are Outplacement Services designed for today’s social networking based job market at a fraction of the cost.

Our outplacement service is a proven, fast paced and engaging webinar or face to face workshop delivering pragmatic tools and personal coaching to focus departing employees away from their recent layoff and onto their next career move.

5 Reasons You Want to Use Our Outplacement Services:

  • Value – Relevant content and affordable (high value) pricing –a fraction of traditional outplacement services
  • Brand – When you treat exiting employees well, your company brand gains esteem
  • Productivity – ‘Surviving’ employees’ guilt and anxiety is minimized when outplacement services are included in exit packages
  • Efficiency – We make it easy, we handle all administrative processes after your employee exits your company
  • Focus – You can focus on your company and we create positive transitions forward

Take Aways for Participants:
• Discover the hidden job market and how to access it
• Develop ‘mental toughness’ for the journey ahead 
• Prepare hardcopy collateral – the resume
• Create a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters
• Get in front of hiring managers quickly 
• Develop and manage a personal action plan

Contact us for more information and the workshop/webinar agenda

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