Team Bios

Gaylyn Sher-Jan


President and Principal Consultant

Gaylyn Sher-Jan is  President of OnCourse Group, Inc., an innovative management and human capital consultancy, founded in 2001. Gaylyn has over 20 years of results producing experience in Human Resources and Organization Development including all functions of HR, leadership assessment, recruitment and development, organization design, and accelerating strategic change initiatives within organizations.

Gaylyn’s experience spans small to large enterprises across a wide variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing, high tech, healthcare, scientific research and non-profit. She’s earned her business skills through highly successful line leadership experiences and staff experience as a Vice President HR, both domestically and internationally.  Her international experience includes work in Holland, Spain, England and as an expatriate in Ireland.

Clients value and appreciate Gaylyn’s direct line experience providing deep business knowledge for her clients coupled with hands on work in hr, organization development, strategic planning, compensation, facilitating, and training.  She has been coaching executives to success for the past 14 years, designing strategic planning and business management off-sites, and directly training managers at all levels of an organization in solid management fundamentals.   In support of her expertise Gaylyn brings a suite of time tested and impactful tools; she is qualified in the Myers-Briggs, DiSC, and the highly acclaimed Hogan Leadership Assessment and Profiles International Assessment tools.

Gaylyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in MIS and started her career as a systems analyst with Hewlett-Packard.  Before starting her own consulting practice Gaylyn served in the top human resources role for the $1B personal printing business of Hewlett-Packard in Vancouver, Washington. She has served as an Executive Council Board Member with TechAmerica and serves on the Board of Directors for Boys and Girls Aid.

Linda O’Neill


Principal Consultant

Linda O’Neill is an Executive Coach and Facilitator with OnCourse Group. She specializes in executive coaching, leadership assessment, leadership/team development and meeting offsite and workshop facilitation.  An advocate for continuous learning, Linda coaches clients to become the type of leader they’ve always dreamed of being.  Linda assists leaders from high potential managers to senior executives – creating sustainable visions, strategies and actions aimed at reaching their full leadership potential.  Her clients experience increased self-awareness and confidence, higher connection with the organization’s mission and enhanced ability to lead others in fulfilling this mission.  Clients report better relationships with staff and board of directors as well as improved personnel management skills, especially around expectations and accountability.

Linda specializes in assisting clients during times of change and transition, such as a promotion, a new role in an existing company, a new job, new expectations or a new environment due to structural or strategic changes within a company.  She has extensive experience within the high technology and professional services industries as well as experience with nonprofits and broadband communications and content services.

Prior to joining On Course in 2011, Linda founded her own coaching and consulting business in 2008. In her prior career she was an SVP with Waggener Edstrom Worldwide.  In this role, she led teams of more than 100 people and was accountable for a third of the company’s revenue with clients Microsoft, SAP and Siemens as well as small companies Terabeam, Jaalam Technologies and Protocol Systems.  She also acted as the executive communication coach for the president of one of Microsoft’s largest business units.

Linda received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon.  She is an International Coach Federation certified executive coach and a certified analyst relations professional.  Linda is a certified Profiles International, Hogan, and Core Value Index assessment consultant.

Abby Tollefson


Principal Consultant
Abby is an Executive Coach with OnCourse Group, and a leader in the field of Coaching and Leadership Development. She is an advocate for maximizing personal and professional potential.  Abby’s coaching inspires clients to move beyond self-imposed barriers and limiting beliefs; achieving solutions and goals which previously had appeared impossible or difficult to attain. Her expertise and focus is on establishing a trusted and deeply supportive one-on-one partnership with OnCourse Group clients.

With over 10 years of Executive and Leadership Coaching experience in both the private and corporate sectors, Abby has provided service to individuals from a wide array of professional arenas and industries. She is highly intuitive and gifted at championing and assisting her clients in:

  • Designing, recognizing and fulfilling on desired personal and professional goals and objectives
  • Enhancing performance and maximizing leadership potential; commanding a new sense of respect and partnership among co-workers, colleagues and teams
  • A ramping up of productivity, efficiency and self-management
  • Increasing morale, building confidence, personal fulfillment and peace of mind
  • Developing skills which allow for more fully maximizing efficiency in the following areas: building trust and partnership, establishing accountability and producing desired results and outcomes creating a more a positive working environment and thereby, maximizing company and organization success

Abby helps OnCourse Group clients develop and realize the necessary skills and technology, fundamental to sustaining and achieving extraordinary and lasting success. She has a passion for her work and a dedication to service. Abby brings integrity, accountability and an exceptional commitment to the happiness and success of her clients. Her clients report breakthrough and life-changing results professionally; and in all areas of life. Abby holds a degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, and has received advanced education and development in the areas of Communication and Leadership. Abby has completed post graduate training with the Bay Area Coaches Training Institute, and is committed to ongoing education and training within her field.

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