“Gaylyn worked with us to understand the context of our business and unique leadership opportunities. She developed a leadership development and team building session that allowed our senior leaders at Microsoft in the Midwest to coalese around a core set of leadership principles and priorities. Once this initial OD work was completed she entered into individual Executive Coaching relationships with several members of the leadership team, working  on personal leadership development. Her OD work made a demonstrable impact on effectiveness of our senior leadership team, our ability to develop and mobilize the rest of our organization and partner ecosystem in the pursuit of our overall business objectives.”

Michael Gorriarán, General Manager

- Microsoft


“Gaylyn did an outstanding job as the HR Executive in charge of HR at Micro Power. Her in-depth knowledge of the strategic management of Human Capital made her an invaluable member. Her guidance and council for the staff, our employees and me significantly enhanced the Company’s ability to achieve our business goals. It was my pleasure to work with Gaylyn during my tenure at Micro Power. She epitomized the skill set that is absolutely required in today’s dynamic HR environment.”

Greg Love, CEO
Micro Power Electronics

- Micro Power Electronics


You’ve made me a better executive – and I see the impact you’ve made to my team. Thank you!”

Larry Lesley

Senior Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Inkjet Printers

- Hewlett-Packard

hipaa solutions

“In today’s highly mobile workforce, fully functional management teams are a rare commodity.  To speed this process, it is imperative to apply catalytic stimulus to create a team vision and unity.  Enter Gaylyn Sher-Jan with OnCourse Group.  Ms. Sher-Jan was contracted by my firm to perform a Myers-Briggs executive management assessment and to help stimulate better management communications at all levels.  She accomplished that and more.  Ms. Sher-Jan’s real world business knowledge guided our assessment, discussions, and ultimately our agreed upon vision.

Ms. Sher-Jan professionalism is unsurpassed.  Her comments were very insightful, on target, and stimulated quality discussions amongst the team members.  Without hesitation, the best OD process I’ve personally attended. The speed at which Ms. Sher-Jan was able to conduct the assessment was also impressive.  My expectation was that I should budget a week for this type of extensive session.  However, Ms. Sher-Jan was able to accomplish the entire assessment and team building exercises in less than 1/2 the time of previous sessions I have experienced.

I would strongly recommend Ms. Sher-Jan for any management assessment or team building session.  I know that our team greatly benefited!”

Kent Lane
Managing Director
HIPAA Solutions Rx

- HIPAA Solutions

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