OnCourse Group

OnCourse Group helps executives and business owners delivering exceptional business results by working through people and organizational issues to increase human capital ROI.  We are a privately owned company founded in 2002 in Portland, Oregon.  We work with clients across the employee life cycle to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.  Our solutions help clients screen-out unsuitable candidates, match employees with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities, and work with individuals and teams and boards to enhance performance and reduce conflict.

For Managers

We develop employees into competent, capable managers who bring value to the organizations and employees they serve. If you’re searching to enhance managerial skills we offer Executive Coaching, 360 Feedback and Assessment, or Mastering Management Skills Workshops.  We can also help mangers increase team capability and contribution through our Team Workshops.

For Teams

Successful teams and team work fuel company results. Effective work teams magnify the accomplishments of employees and enable organizations to better serve customers.  To increase the functionality and development of teams we offer strategic meeting design through our HR Solutions, Performance Indicator Assessment and customized Team Workshops.

For Organizations


Our assessments, Profile XT, Profile Sales Assessment, Integrity and Honesty Assessment, enable you execute your talent strategy by helping you put the right people in the right jobs to achieve results. To ensure an aligned and engaged workforce we offer Employee Engagement surveys and solutions.  We also offer Layoff Planning and Delivery and Outplacement Workshop for downsizing organizations.

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